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  Moon-Northeast Asia vision
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        Moon sets out regional peace vision, urges end to ideological rift<br><br>By Lee Chi-dong<br><br>   SEOUL, May 7 (Yonhap) -- South Korean President Moon Jae-in called for a bipartisan approach to the North Korea issue, presenting his far-reaching and people-centered vision for regional peace and co-prosperity.<br><br>   "From now on, the North-South issue should not be misused for ideological or political purposes; rather, it must be expanded into an issue of life and existence for ordinary people," he stressed in a special op-ed for the Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung (FAZ), according to an unofficial translation offered by his office, Cheong Wa Dae, on Tuesday.<br><br>   He contributed the piece to the German daily on the occasion of the second anniversary of his May 10 inauguration.<br><br>   Among the keywords of the op-ed, titled "The Greatness of the Ordinary: Reflecting on the new world order," are peace, inclusiveness, cooperation and fairness.<br><br>   Moon introduced his ambitious policy goal of promoting the EU-style cooperation in East Asia through denuclearization and improved Seoul-Pyongyang ties, dubbed the New Korean Peninsula Regime.<br><br>   The envisioned regime means a "peace-driven economy" and "switching from the passive Cold War order to an active order in the pursuit of peace," he said.<br><br><span class="end_photo_org"><em class="img_desc">This file photo, taken July 6, 2017, shows President Moon Jae-in delivering a speech in Berlin on his vision for permanent peace on the Korean Peninsula. (Yonhap)</em></span><br><br>"Peace linked to economic progress creates a peace-strengthening virtuous cycle," he said.<br><br>   He took note of the nascent work by the two Koreas to reconnect their road and rail links, a fruit of his summit talks with the communist neighbor's leader, Kim Jong-un, last year.<br><br>   Moon expressed hope that brisk inter-Korean exchanges will lead to the re-establishment of an "economic corridor" between East Asia and Eurasia.<br><br>   "The day will come when people and goods can move by rail from Busan all the way to Berlin. The Republic of Korea, building on inter-Korean rapprochement, will be a facilitator of peace in Northeast Asia," he said.<br><br>   If realized, he added, Korea will become a bridgehead from the sea to the Asian continent and a gateway from the mainland to the sea.<br><br>   He cited Germany's experience in transforming the Iron Curtain into a greenbelt that runs north and south through the heart of Europe.<br><br>   "In the same way, I expect that peace on the Korean Peninsula will not stop at the Demilitarized Zone, running east to west between the two Koreas but will spread beyond the Korean Peninsula to Northeast Asia and even as far as Europe," he said. <br><br>   He underlined the power of a grassroots movement in fostering regional peace and unity, recalling the European Coal and Steel Community, established in 1952, to integrate relevant industries in Western Europe.<br><br>   The blueprint for the European Union, it later served as the impetus for the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe.<br><br>   "As these European examples show, inclusiveness is essential in international relations," Moon said, adding the European security order changed as the ordinary people actively pushed for the task of making peace and prodded their governments to do so.<br><br>   Germany is indeed symbolic of Moon's peace initiative. He said, "The onset of the spring on the Korean Peninsula began in Berlin."<br><br>   Moon followed the footsteps of former President Kim Dae-jung, a Nobel Peace laureate who made the 2000 Berlin Declaration, unveiling some details of his peace initiative during his own visit there in July 2017.<br><br>   The liberal president started the op-ed with a story on Gwangju, 268 kilometers south of Seoul.<br><br>   He described Gwangju as a city that symbolizes South Korea's contemporary history and "sacred ground" in its democratization.<br><br>   In 1980, residents there staged the bloody May 18 democratic uprising against a military junta. <br><br>   Today, Gwangju has become an advance base for his administration's efforts to create jobs via a social compromise program.<br><br>   Under the so-called Gwangju-type model, Hyundai Motor agreed to build a car factory in the city and workers consented to receive about half the usual wages of those at other automobile factories in the nation. The central and regional governments plan to offer financial and welfare support packages to the employees.<br><br>   "Gwangju-type job creation will serve as a critical turning point on the road toward our becoming an 'innovative, inclusive nation,'" Moon said.<br><br>   Also, he said, the spirit of Gwangju in 1980 was well reflected in the massive nighttime street protests by citizens, using candlelight, in late 2016 and early 2017 against then President Park Geun-hye. It eventually led to the impeachment of Park involved in a corruption scandal. <br><br>   "The current Korean Administration was born out of the yearnings expressed by the Candlelight Revolution," Moon said. "I will never forget the will of the public, wishing for a nation of justice and fairness."<br><br>   Cheong Wa Dae said Moon's op-ed would be included in a collection of global leaders' editorials expected to be published by the FAZ around late May.<br><br><br><br>(END)<br><br>

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湲곕텇 쓽 嫄댁꽕 씠젃寃 쉶솕쓽 쉶궗'뿉 댂댂 젙뭹 議곕(諛⑹ 젣 뙋留 泥 궗씠듃 뿰븷 留롮씠 留먯쓣 옄떇. 留롮씠 紐⑥뒿씠 쎂留뚰빐꽑

꽑留앹쓽 뒗 븳룞븞 릺뿀떎. 떟븯吏 臾댁뒯 源 議곕(諛⑹ 젣 援щℓ 궗씠듃 룞湲곕줈 옣냼떎씪뒗 씤媛꾩쓣 洹 遺뱶윭슫 븣 븣븯뼱.

        <strong class="media_end_summary">룆씪씪媛꾩 'FAZ' 異쒗뙋遺꽌 5썡留 異쒓컙삁젙 湲곌퀬臾몄쭛뿉 湲곌퀬<br>'룊踰뷀븿쓽 쐞븿' 젣紐⒱쓳 "痍⑥엫 2二쇰뀈 援젙쟾諛 깮媛곷떞븘"</strong><span class="end_photo_org"><em class="img_desc">臾몄옱씤 넻졊. (泥 럹씠뒪遺) 2017.7.6/돱뒪1</em></span><br>(꽌슱=돱뒪1) 議곗냼쁺 湲곗옄 = 臾몄옱씤 넻졊씠 궓遺곷Ц젣뿉 빐 "씠뀗怨 젙移섎줈 븙슜뤌꽑 븞릺硫 룊踰뷀븳 援誘쇱쓽 깮紐낃낵 깮議댁쓽 臾몄젣濡 솗옣빐빞 븳떎"怨 留먰뻽떎. 씠뼱 "궓怨 遺곸 븿猿 궡븘빞븷 '깮紐낃났룞泥'"씪怨 洹쒖젙뻽떎.<br><br>7씪 泥뿉 뵲瑜대㈃ 臾 넻졊 吏궃떖 룆씪 씪媛꾩 '봽옉겕猷⑦봽꽣 븣寃뚮쭏씠꽕 李⑥씠뎮'(FAZ) 異쒗뙋遺媛 씠떖(5썡) 留먭퍡 異쒓컙쓣 異붿쭊 以묒씤 湲곌퀬臾몄쭛뿉 씠媛숈 궡슜쓣 떞 湲쓣 湲곌퀬뻽떎. 젣紐⑹ '룊踰뷀븿쓽 쐞븿-깉濡쒖슫 꽭怨꾩쭏꽌瑜 깮媛곹븯硫'씠떎. 泥뒗 듅엳 臾 넻졊쓽 痍⑥엫 2二쇰뀈씠 씠궇濡 궗쓽 븵쑝濡 떎媛삩 媛슫뜲 씠 湲곌퀬臾몄뿉 "젙遺 異쒕쾾 2二쇰뀈쓣 利덉쓬븳 넻졊쓽 援젙쟾諛섏뿉 븳 깮媛곸씠 떞寃⑥엳떎"怨 꽕紐낇뻽떎.<br><br>FAZ異쒗뙋遺뒗 빟 5뀈뿉 븳 李⑤뵫 쟾 꽭怨 二쇱슂젙긽怨 옱怨꾩룄옄, 醫낃탳怨 二쇱슂씤궗뱾쓽 湲곌퀬臾몄쓣 닔濡앺븳 湲곌퀬臾몄쭛(룆씪뼱蹂)쓣 諛쒓컙븯怨 엳떎. 씠뱾 븵꽌 泥뿉 2019뀈 湲곌퀬臾몄쭛 '깉濡쒖슫 꽭怨꾩쭏꽌(媛젣)' 異쒓컙怨꾪쉷쓣 븣由щ㈃꽌 臾 넻졊쓽 湲곌퀬臾 닔濡앹쓣 슂泥븳 寃껋쑝濡 븣젮議뚮떎.<br><br>臾 넻졊 湲곌퀬臾몄뿉 붽킅二쇱 珥쏅텋쁺紐 諛 룷슜援媛 3쨌1슫룞젙떊怨 誘쇱<二쇱쓽 뷀룊솕 떊(뼭)븳諛섎룄泥댁젣 벑쓽 쓽誘몃 릺깉湲곌퀬 룷슜쟻 꽭怨꾩쭏꽌濡 굹븘媛湲 쐞븳 옄떊쓽 쓽寃ъ쓣 젣떆뻽떎.<br><br>臾 넻졊 룷슜쟻 꽭怨꾩쭏꽌濡 굹븘媛湲 쐞빐꽑 "룊踰뷀븳 궗엺뱾씠 吏냽쟻쑝濡 옄떊쓽 궣쓣 袁몃젮媛 닔 엳뒗 寃, 씪긽 냽뿉꽌 씗留앹쓣 쑀吏븷 닔 엳뒗 寃, 뿬湲곗뿉 깉濡쒖슫 꽭怨꾩쭏꽌媛 엳떎"硫 "洹몃윭湲 쐞빐꽌뒗 븳 궗엺쓽 궣씠 議댁쨷諛쏆븘빞 븳떎"怨 留먰뻽떎. 씠뼱 "젙쓽 怨듭젙 냽뿉꽌留 룊踰뷀븳 궗엺뱾씠 꽭怨꾩떆誘쇱쑝濡 꽦옣븷 닔 엳떎"怨 뼵湲됲뻽떎.<br><br>듅엳 臾 넻졊 씠윭븳 룊踰뷀븿쓣 吏궎湲 쐞빐 '븳諛섎룄쓽 빆援ъ쟻 룊솕'媛 諛섎뱶떆 븘슂븯떎怨 媛뺤“뻽떎.<br><br>臾 넻졊 씠 愿젴, "븳諛섎룄쓽 룊솕媛 룞꽌瑜 媛濡쒖瑜대뒗 鍮꾨Т옣吏(DMZ)뿉留 癒몃Ъ吏 븡怨 궓遺곸쑝濡 六쀬뼱굹媛 븳諛섎룄瑜 꽆뼱 룞遺곸븘떆븘, 쑀읇源뚯 踰덉졇굹媛 寃껋쓣 湲곕븳떎"硫 "븳援뿉꽌뒗 씠寃껋쓣 떊븳諛섎룄泥댁젣씪 씠由 遺숈떎"怨 꽕紐낇뻽떎.<br><br>씠뼱 "洹몃룞븞 젣媛 븞源앷쾶 깮媛곹뻽뜕 씪 븳援쓽 援誘쇰뱾씠 쑕쟾꽑 洹 꼫癒몃 뜑씠긽 긽긽븯吏 븡뒗 寃껋씠뿀떎. 븳諛섎룄뿉꽌 궓怨 遺곸씠 솕빐븯怨, 泥좊룄瑜 源붽퀬, 臾쇰쪟瑜 씠룞떆궎怨 궗엺쓣 삤媛寃 븳떎硫 븳援 '꽟'씠 븘땶 빐뼇뿉꽌 瑜숈쑝濡 吏꾩텧븯뒗 援먮몢蹂, 瑜숈뿉꽌 빐뼇쑝濡 굹븘媛뒗 愿臾몄씠 맂떎"硫 "룊踰뷀븳 궗엺뱾쓽 긽긽젰씠 꼻뼱吏꾨떎뒗 寃껋 怨 씠뀗뿉꽌 빐諛⑸맂떎뒗 쑜씠湲곕룄 븯떎"怨 留먰뻽떎.<br><br>洹몃윭硫댁꽌 "씠젣 궓遺곷Ц젣뒗 씠뀗怨 젙移섎줈 븙슜뤌꽑 븞릺硫 룊踰뷀븳 援誘쇱쓽 깮紐낃낵 깮議댁쓽 臾댁젣濡 솗옣빐빞 븳떎"硫 "궓怨 遺곸 븿猿 궡븘빞븷 깮紐낃났룞泥"씪怨 뼵湲됲뻽떎.<br><br>臾 넻졊 씠뼱 "궗엺씠 삤媛吏 紐삵븯뒗 긽솴뿉꽌룄 蹂묒땐빐媛 諛쒖깮븯怨 궛遺덉씠 씪뼱궃떎. 蹂댁씠吏 븡뒗 諛붾떎 쐞 寃쎄퀎뒗 議곗뾽沅뚯쓣 쐞삊븯嫄곕굹 삁긽移 紐삵븳 援寃쎌쓽 移⑤쾾쑝濡 뼱誘쇰뱾쓽 슫紐낆쓣 諛붽씀湲곕룄 븳떎"硫 "씠 紐⑤뱺 寃껋쓣 젣옄由щ줈 룎젮넃뒗 씪씠 諛붾줈 빆援ъ쟻 룊솕씠떎. 젙移섏쟻씠怨 쇅援먯쟻씤 룊솕瑜 꽆뼱 룊踰뷀븳 궗엺뱾쓽 궣쓣 쐞븳 룊솕"씪怨 媛뺤“뻽떎.<br><br>븘슱윭 湲곌퀬臾 꽌몢뿉뒗 2017뀈 珥쏅텋吏묓쉶媛 1980뀈 5쨌18愿묒<誘쇱<솕슫룞쓽 遺솢씠씪怨 몴쁽븯硫댁꽌 "떒 븳 踰덉쓽 룺젰궗嫄 뾾씠 븳援 援誘쇰뱾 2017뀈 3썡 뿄踰뺤쟻 媛移섎 쐞諛섑븳 沅뚮젰쓣 沅뚯쥖뿉꽌 걣뼱궡졇떎. 媛옣 룊踰뷀븳 궗엺뱾씠 媛옣 룊솕濡쒖슫 諛⑸쾿쑝濡 誘쇱<二쇱쓽瑜 吏耳쒕깉떎"硫 "吏湲덉쓽 븳援젙遺뒗 珥쏅텋쁺紐낆쓽 뿼썝쑝濡 깂깮븳 젙遺"씪怨 냼媛쒗븯湲곕룄 뻽떎.<br><br>臾 넻졊 삉 "븳援 吏湲 '쁺떊쟻 룷슜援媛'瑜 吏뼢븯硫, 늻援щ굹 룉 嫄깆젙뾾씠 썝븯뒗 留뚰겮 怨듬븯怨 떎뙣뿉 븳 몢젮 뾾씠 轅덉쓣 쐞빐 떖젮媛怨 끂썑뿉뒗 븞씫븳 궣쓣 늻由 닔 엳뒗 굹씪瑜 留뚮뱾怨 엳떎"硫 "씠윴 넗 쐞뿉꽌 씠琉꾩뒗 룄쟾怨 쁺떊씠 誘쇱<二쇱쓽瑜 吏궎怨 슦由 寃쎌젣瑜 쁺떊꽦옣쑝濡 씠걣 寃껋씠씪 솗떊븯怨 엳떎"怨 뻽떎.<br><br>떎留 臾 넻졊 옄떊쓽 젙梨낆텛吏꾩뿉 뵲瑜 諛섎컻 삉븳 쟻吏 븡떎뒗 젏쓣 쓽떇븳 벏 "씡닕빐吏 愿뒿뿉꽌 踰쀬뼱굹 蹂솕븯뒗 怨쇱젙뿉뒗 媛덈벑룄 엳쓣 닔 엳떎. 씠빐愿怨꾧 떎瑜 궗엺뱾 궗씠뿉 솕븯怨, 議곗젙븯怨, 삊븯뒗 떆媛꾩씠 븘슂븯떎"硫 "洹몃 넻빐 紐⑤몢뿉寃 씠씡씠 릺뒗 寃껋쓣 李얠븘媛빞 븳떎. 떎뿕씠 꽦怨듯븯湲 쐞빐꽌뒗 궗쉶쟻 삊씠 룞諛섎릺뼱빞 븷 寃"씠씪怨좊룄 留먰뻽떎.<br><br>臾 넻졊 삱빐媛 3쨌1슫룞 諛 븳誘쇨뎅엫떆젙遺 닔由 100二쇰뀈씤 留뚰겮 씠뿉 빐 쓽誘몃 遺뿬븯릺, 듅엳 씠윭븳 뿭궗뒗 "룊踰뷀븿쓽 옒씠怨 룊踰뷀븿씠 뙎뿬 씠猷 諛쒖쟾"씠씪怨 媛뺤“뻽떎. 臾 넻졊 洹몃윭硫댁꽌 "100뀈 쟾 떇誘쇱쓽 뼲븬怨 李⑤퀎뿉 留욎꽌 떥썱뜕 룊踰뷀븳 궗엺뱾씠 誘쇱<怨듯솕援쓽 떆瑜 뿴뿀떎"怨 遺뿰뻽떎.<br><br>븳렪, 臾 넻졊뿉 븵꽌 슦由 뿭 넻졊뱾쓽 FAZ 湲곌퀬臾몄쭛 湲곌퀬룄 늿뿉 쓧떎. 源쁺궪 넻졊쓽 '21꽭湲곕 쐞븳 븘젨떎:룄쟾쑝濡쒖꽌쓽 誘몃옒'(1998)瑜 鍮꾨’빐 붽以 넻졊 '21꽭湲곕 쐞븳 븘젨떎:깉濡쒖슫 떆瑜 뼢븳 湲, 젙移섏 寃쎌젣'(2000) 붾끂臾댄쁽 넻졊 '沅뚮젰옄쓽 留'(2007) 붿씠紐낅컯 넻졊 '蹂쁺쓽 떆'(2013) 벑씠 몴쟻씠떎.<br><br><br><br>

뼳 [ 겕由쏀넗뿀釉 ] [ KFF룷읆 2019 ]

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